Our Board of Directors

Saint John of God Housing Association clg is a legally incorporated company limited by guarantee and is required to have a Board of Directors.  Our Board members have a personal interest in the people we support and an affinity with the values of Saint John of God. As we are a registered charity, our Directors act on a voluntary basis and do not receive any payment for their services.

Board Responsibilities

The Board is responsible for providing leadership, for setting the strategic direction, for the achievement of our mission and for exercising control over the Housing Association. It accepts that it needs to work effectively, with integrity, transparency and accountability. The Directors bring to the Board their significant professional skills, experience and decision-making abilities reflecting their broad range of views and life experiences.

The Board is committed to maintaining the highest standard of corporate governance and believes that this is essential in directing and controlling the activities of the Saint John of God Housing Association clg. It recognises that robust and transparent governance is essential to maintain credibility and trust.

There is a clear division of responsibility within the Housing Association with the Board retaining control of major decisions, whilst the Chief Executive is responsible for devising and implementing strategy and policy decisions within the authorities delegated to her by the Board.

Board Members

John Lowe (chairperson)

Mary Condell

James Crowe

Patrick J Drudy

Michael Francis

Karen Herbert

Paul Kinsella

Hubi Kos

Laurence McCabe

William Maher

Lisa Vaughan

Secretary & registered office
Ciaran Cuddihy
Co. Dublin

Company no.
Charity tax exemption no.
CHY 18279
Charity Reg. Number

One Spencer Dock
North Wall Quay
Dublin 1

Porter Morris & Co.
10 Clare Street
Dublin 2

Bank of Ireland
College Green
Dublin 2

Investment Managers
Davy Stockbrokers
49 Dawson Street
Dublin 2