Tenants’ Support

In all cases, care support is provided by a care provider – the Housing Association does not engage in direct interventions.

The support offered by the Housing Officer is:

  • to work with tenants to advise and signpost tenants to necessary/available services.
  • to engage in substantial pre-tenancy work to determine tenants’ needs.
  • to provide housing-related support to people with specific needs or disabilities to enable them to maintain their tenancies and to achieve their aspirations for independent living and ensure tenancy sustainability.
  • to process tenant applications, offering pre-tenancy training, and providing the standard Tenancy Pack to tenants when signing up.
  • to manage housing and related services on behalf of the Housing Association and encourages tenant participation in community-based activities and events.
  • to deal with breaches of tenancy agreements by interviewing tenants and offering advice on tenant-landlord relationships.
  • to set the rental rate, administer rent collection and to develop policies to deal with and minimise arrears.
  • to assist our tenants with advice to educate and empower them to advocate for themselves and secure their rights to housing.

If or when problems arise, the Housing Officer works with the affected tenant to help them with their problems.