What is Social Housing?

Social housing is affordable rented housing for people on low incomes. It is provided by local authorities and housing associations.

People who are eligible for social housing register on housing waiting lists that are managed by local authorities. Currently there are about 90,000 households on lists across the country; of these about 30,000 to 40,000 are living in seriously unsatisfactory housing.

Tenants of social housing pay a differential rent which is based on their income. So if their income goes up, their rent goes up, and if their income goes down their rent goes down.


  • Social housing makes up 10% of all housing in Ireland
  • Local authorities in Ireland provide a total of 107,000 social housing units
  • 500 housing associations provide 27,000 housing tenancies
  • 95% of housing associations own less than fifty units
  • Only 10 housing associations own more than 300 dwellings
  • Only two have more than 4,500 tenants
How do I apply for social housing?

In this housing section we hope to show you different ways that you may be able to access a home or apartment if you choose to move from your family home. In all cases there are procedures to follow and there can be a very long waiting list

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What are my housing options?
How can the Saint John of God Housing Association help me?
How do I Apply?
How is my rent calculated?

Your rent is calculated depending on which way your home was purchased, currently there are two types of rent:

  1. Fixed rent of €79.00 per week (€85 .00 per couple) – you can apply to the Community Welfare Officer/Central Rents Unit for a Rental Supplement to help you with your rent.
  2. Differential Rent – this is where your rent is based on your income and a formula calculates your rent, the Housing Association will ask you to complete a Statement of Income Form in order to calculate your rent.
How do I keep track of my payments?

The Housing Association issues rent statements to tenants every month. If you have an issue with anything on your rent statement, please contact your Housing Officer on 01 223 9138. It is important to keep all rent statements, as well as any receipts you are given, bank statements etc.

You can also check your account online by visiting the Tenants’ Portal. This allows you view an updated list of all rent charges and payments on your account. To use the Tenants’ Portal facility, you will need your account ID number and password. Please contact your Housing Officer if you need any assistance using this facility.

Who is responsible for the repairs in my home?

It depends on what type of repair needs to be carried out. It will clearly state in your new Tenancy Agreement who is responsible for the repairs in your property.

Remember: Report the repair to your Care Provider in the first instance in order for the repair to be carried out if it is the responsibility of your landlord, as Community Services carry out all minor repairs for the landlord in a Saint John of God Housing Association house.

Who do I contact if I am experiencing Anti-Social Bahaviour?

Your first point of contact is your Care Provider or your Housing Officer, who will then direct your complaint accordingly.

What happens if I am not happy with the outcome of an Anti-Social Behaviour Investigation?

At any stage you can contact the Residential Tenancies Board on:

By Phone:

9:00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday – 0818 30 30 37

In Writing:





By Email:

Tenancy Registration queries:                registrations@rtb.ie

Registration Enforcement:                     enforcement@rtb.ie

Dispute Resolution queries:                   disputes@rtb.ie

Tribunal queries:                                    tribunals@rtb.ie

Determination Order Enforcement:                     enforceorder@rtb.ie

For all media and press queries:                        media.queries@rtb.ie

For all data protection queries:               data.protection@rtb.ie


If you are dissatisfied with any service from your landlord, please alert your Housing Officer.

There are internal policies to ensure that complaints are dealt with accordingly before you go to the Residential Tenancies Board.

Can I keep a pet?

No, unfortunately as most of our properties are either in an apartment complex or shared with other people, we cannot allow pets to be kept.

What if I fall behind in my rent?

Please speak with your Support Worker in the first instance and they can contact the Housing Association directly. There are a number of options from MABs Budget Forms, Rent Payment Plans to completely paying off your rent arrears. However, we need to speak to you in order for us to choose the right option.

Can I request a transfer to another property that is owned by Saint John of God Housing Association?

Yes, of course you can, please see our forms section. Complete the Transfer Request Application Form and send it to Eimear O’ Hagan, Housing Officer, Tessa House, Block D, Cookstown Way, Tallaght, Dublin 24.


Completing a transfer request form does not automatically mean you will receive a transfer.

Your application to transfer will be processed and will necessitate an interview with the Housing Officer.