For Tenants

To deliver a high-quality housing management service, the Saint John of God Housing Association looks after both the tenants and the rental property. We seek to influence and innovate in housing management by embracing good practice ideas in tenant participation.  The Housing Association’s focus is on improving and creating sustainable communities with a greater expectation that tenants engage, contribute and/or take responsibility. To encourage tenant participation wherever possible, the principles of ‘Involvement & Empowerment’ are the cornerstones of the housing support offered to tenants. The initial close engagement with tenants with a high level of support needs helps them to develop the skills and behaviours to sustain their tenancies and build successful lives.

The role of the Housing Officer involves supporting tenants and encouraging them to get involved and take part in tenancy groups, activities and events that help shape the community in which they live. Involvement can range from simply being kept informed and discussing relevant issues, to empowerment – actually making decisions about the service. The outcome can mean that people who use our service are actively involved in how it is delivered.