Housing Management

“Property has its duties as well as its rights” The central tenet of the Housing Association is the belief that vulnerable people can live full lives with support; and that an affordable home is a platform to recovery. Everyone has the right to:

  •    have a home of one’s own
  •    to live in an inclusive community
  •    to live as independently as possible
  •    to reach their full potential

The Process

The best practice model for approved housing bodies is to separate the provision of housing from the provision of support.

In order to qualify for accommodation in a Saint John of God Housing Association property, all applicants for housing must be in receipt of a support / care package.

Most of our tenants receive a support / care package from a sister company, the Saint John of God Community Services clg (Community Services), which cares for individuals with intellectual disability and individuals with mental health issues.

The Staff

The Housing Manager provides a professional and best-practice housing service both in managing tenancies, providing tenant services and running tenant programmes.

Our Housing Manager has responsibility for an ever-widening remit of tasks in the delivery of service to our tenants from rent collection, arrears and voids management in addition to an increasing emphasis on social and community issues.

The Housing Manager works with the tenants who are living in the community and provides assistance to help them sustain their tenancies, home maintenance and other housing needs as they arise.

Our Housing Association remains responsive to the changes in regulation and governance within the sector in order to remain effective and meet the high standards that we set for ourselves.

Our Housing Association does not provide a support / care package as we do not have the competence, capacity or funding to do so. Furthermore, we are precluded from doing so by the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government (DHPLG) Memorandum VHU 2/02 and Circular: Housing 45/2015.